What Makes Us Different?

Problem Solving

We excel at coming up with drilling solutions in both the planning and construction phases of your projects.

No Obligation Quoting on Site

We meet you on site to discuss your needs and provide a no-obligation quote.

Service Commitment

We are committed to work to your specifications.


We cater for both large and small jobs and can easily adjust to varying conditions.


We offer a formalised tendering process and will fit in with you to meet any special conditions, time frames, etc. that you have

Relationship Building

We are keen to get to know you and your staff and how they work.

Plant and Equipment

All plant and equipment is maintained on a regular schedule.

Dedicated to Staff Development & Safetly

We are committed to our team and ensure regular staff training as well as implementation of OH&S plicies to meet the changing industry requirements to ensure the safety of our staff.


We are willing to travel to accommodate most work.